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“The Works” Radiant Health Overhaul


With this all-inclusive package, you’ll receive VIP treatment as we work together to revolutionize your health standards.  From the grocery store to your skillet, I will help you decide which aspects of your health need the most work, then put into practice the habits & behaviors necessary to get you the results you crave. Any time of the year is the right time to give yourself a healthy eating overhaul, so don’t wait until January to get the help you need!

“The Works” package includes the following:

  • Complete Iridology assessment (local clients only)
  • 1 hour initial consultation session, either in-person, by phone or via Skype
  • Personalized dietary, vitamin and mineral recommendations
  • Comprehensive notes and resources to help you understand the root causes of your symptoms. With my guidance, you’ll not only be motivated to make long term and sustainable changes, but you’ll also actually stick to your resolutions!
  • Clean eating and superfood guide tailored to your specific needs
  • 30-day meal plan, including personalized healthy and delicious recipes
  • Two (2) 45 minute follow-up sessions to help keep you on track and modify your plan based on your progress
  • 1 hour house assessment of your pantry with healthy alternative replacement recommendations
    • You’ll also receive follow-up notes to help you as you move forward
  • Visit to your local grocery store to show you the best foods to buy and why it matters
    • Learn which ingredients to look for and which to avoid!
    • Receive follow-up notes after our tour to keep everything fresh in your mind
  • Healthy pantry basics resource guide:
    • Easy tips to save you time and money while grocery shopping
    • List of pantry essentials with nutrition information
    • Best brands to buy and where to find them

Total Investment:

$495 Single Rate

$720 Couples Rate