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Top 10 Life Lessons from a Spirit Junkie

Warning!  This post is a little different that many of my nutrition and recipe posts.  When I started down my holistic nutrition path, it was more about the food and the nutrients, but what I’ve learned is that the whole mind – body- spirit view of health is truly important! So instead of the usual recipe and nutrition tip post, think of this as a list of recipes for your soul! So I was in New York City a couple of weekends ago for Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass.  An amazing weekend filled with lots of inspiration and learning, pushing past fear,
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Grilled Summer Salad

I’m addicted to my big salads, and eat them almost every day.  Those of you who know me, know that big salads are my trademark.  And although I try to mix them up, it can be tough during the winter months to keep them exciting. But now that the warm weather is here and it’s easy to get fresh local veggies, I thought I’d take advantage and shake up my salad routine with some seasonal, local goodness! Although it’s not technically summer here yet in Toronto, grilling season is well under way.  So if you want a healthy alternative to hot
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